helped Kaleidoscope Landscape Inc. Recoup Over 500K

Navigating the last few years as a business owner and employer was no small feat. While tax credits have been made available to alleviate losses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, determining who qualifies and how to file can be extremely challenging for business owners.

That was the experience of the owners of Kaleidoscope Landscape Inc., who came to us after being told by several professionals that they did not qualify for the ERTC:

“I had reached out to our accountant about 6 months ago, she thought we didn’t qualify…. This didn’t sit right with me…. I am so very grateful for you and your team and for not ignoring my gut feeling, even when I had been told No more than once. It would have been a significant loss to have just let it go.”

Filing the ERTC in 2022 can be a confusing and frustrating process. Many business owners do not realize the savings they qualify for at the end of the year, either because the tax credit rules are complex and difficult to understand or because they simply didn’t know they qualify. It is a good thing that the owners of Kaleidoscope Landscape Inc. reached out for some answers when they felt they qualified for more savings than they were initially told they would receive. By partnering with us for the filing process, they were able to recoup over $500,000 in losses.

If their story of unrealized savings hits close to home, talk to our trained tax professionals. ERTC Filing specialists are highly trained in solving complex business tax issues. You might be surprised and delighted to learn that your business also has unrealized savings.