Introduction to ERTC

Tom Sauvageau here, Founder and President of
Needless to say, the past year has been hard on the economy and business across all industries. You’ve likely seen the effects of the pandemic on your operations and revenue.§

The U.S. Government has begun offering aid in the form of tax credits to businesses that were impacted by the pandemic. At, it’s our mission to help you determine if your business is eligible for these tax credits, and give you the tools to help file accurately. We’ve already helped businesses file for $80,811,386 in Employee Retention Tax Credits.

ERTC (The Employee Retention Tax Credit) helps offer business aid to retain employees during the Coronavirus pandemic. The tax credit is designed to help businesses navigate the uncertainties brought on due to COVID-19. If your business was impacted by the pandemic, and the daily operations were partially suspended due to government restrictions, you might be eligible to receive this stimulus payment.

Do any of the following situations resonate with situations you’ve seen over the past year? If so, schedule a consultation with us to determine if the ERTC applies.

If any of the situations above sound familiar, there’s a possibility that we can help you file and earn additional tax credits for the 2021 filing year. Our team is available to offer a free phone consultation to review your unique situation and see how we can best help.