Q2 ERTC Follow up with our clients

Now that quarter 2 has come to an end, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to send in your documents to get your 941 or 941-X form filed. Please note, for those that utilize national payroll companies(such as ADP, Gusto, or Paychchex) we won’t be able to adjust your 941 prior to your payroll company submitting your report to the IRS. In those cases, when your 941 form is submitted please forward a copy to us, along with the other reports requested, and we will process your 941-X starting August 1st. Technically if you are filing a 941-X you have a 3 year deadline to submit those reports. Of course we will be processing those as soon as possible after August 1st in order to expedite your ERTC payment.

For the remainder of our clients that are able to adjust their 941 prior to being submitted to the IRS, we will need a copy of your draft 941 as soon as possible to process and get back to you by the July 31st deadline.

For all 941 and 941-X filers we will need the following information: